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AutoMax - affordable cars from a reliable company!
  • Your car undergoes maintenance
  • Your have sold your car, but have not bought a new one yet
  • You need a car for a business meeting
  • You want to travel to other cities and regions
  • For a vacation: fishing, picnic, hunting
  • To pick up your wife with a new-born from the hospital
  • To bring your relatives to the airport or to the railway station
  • You are on a business trip in our city
  • You want to test the car model you consider to buy
  • You need cars for a wedding

Car rental

Welcome to the website of  the company „AutoMax“!

The company „AvtoMax“ is a member of the Russian car rental companies club. Its work is based on the business model of such European companies as AVIS, HERTZ, SIXT and EUROPCAR. The company AutoMax offers more than 20 marques of Russian and foreign-made cars for rent - for private persons and companies, with and without a chauffeur. The payment can be made in cash, via a bank transfer and by such credit cards as VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club International. No commission is taken. If the payment is made by cash, the documents you may need for a financial report are provided to you. The car can be delivered to the airport, to the railway station, to the hotel, to the office or directly to your house. An infant car seat (please let us know the age and the weight of the child), a GPS navigation system or a FM-modulator can be additionally provided.  

When you book  a car please let us know the flight or the train number and your arrival time as well as your contact phone number and the way of preferred payment (cash or credit card). If you get your car delivered to the airport, railway station, hotel or any other destination and wish to pay by  a credit card our staff member will arrive with a mobile credit card reader.  

When you  book a car for a company, you must submit all required documents (letter of request etc). A standard letter of request and a list of required documents can be downloaded and filled out  electronically in the section  „List of required documents“. Companies and organisations will get cars for rent only after  the prepayment is fully made to our account and the contract has been signed by the company director. In order to speed up the process please send us the copy of your passport as well as of your driving license per e-mail. The longer is the rental period, the bigger discount you will get. If you rent a car for more than a month, you can get an additional discount, subject to negotiation. We are at your service 24 hours a day, without breaks and days off.

Our clients come from different cities in Russia, such as Volgograd, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar. We also have clients from Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, the USA and other countries. We hope that you will also choose us and our services.

Our new office is located within a  10 minute drive from the airport and the central railway station. The adress is Zemlyachki street (at the crossing Samarskii  „razjezd“), near the autoshop  „TOYOTA“ and supermarket „REAL“ (parking is located under the bridge of the third „prodolnaya“ road opposite to the house number 175 avenue „Zhukov prospekt“).

Which car should I choose?

The AutoMax car fleet consists of Russian (AvtoVAZ) as well as foreign-made cars (Ford, Toyota, Mazda and other).  You can find photos,  technical description and the rental rates  here. All our prices you can look up in the section prices. All our  cars are in an excellent technical condition. All our cars undergo maintenance on a regular basis.

How to rent a car? 

Call us and let us know that you need a certain car; should you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. After that please come to the office, sign a contract, make a prepayment and get a car! You can also send us your booking  by e-mail or just call us at +7-927-510-50-85. Please let us know whether you prefer to pick up your car in our office or we shall bring it to another destination (airport, railway station etc). 

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