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  • Your car undergoes maintenance
  • Your have sold your car, but have not bought a new one yet
  • You need a car for a business meeting
  • You want to travel to other cities and regions
  • For a vacation: fishing, picnic, hunting
  • To pick up your wife with a new-born from the hospital
  • To bring your relatives to the airport or to the railway station
  • You are on a business trip in our city
  • You want to test the car model you consider to buy
  • You need cars for a wedding

Useful information
The procedure of making a rental contract
In part the paperwork can be handled via the website of the company, it will speed up the process. 
You will need the following documents:
1. Passport
2. Driving license
3. An additional document - you can choose to present one of the following documents: 
  • pension insurance certificate
  • tax identification number
  • travel passport

After signing the car rental contract you must get the following documents:
1. The original of the rental contract with the stamp of the rental company.
2. Report of acceptance-and-transmission
3. Letter of authority permitting to drive the car you rent
4. If you pay deposit in cash, this sum must be mentioned  in the contract. When you return the car, you will get your cash back.

In addition to that you must get the following documents: 
1. Certificate of the vehicle registration 
2. Proof of the maintenance
3. Insurance certificate
4. Alarm fob

You may also get samples of reports  the traffic police officers have to fill out in case of accidents. The traffic police do have those as well, but it makes sense to find out what you will need to present to the rental company in case of any accidents. The most rental companies require a credit card for payments.

The deposit can also be handled with your credit card - the needed amount is „frozen“  and you cannot use it until you return the vehicle. Some companies accept cash if the deposit is low.

The rental contract must include the following information: 
  1. Your personal data
  2. The identification number, the motor number and the state registration number of the vehicle you rent.
  3. Length of rent; way of payment
  4. The rights of the rental company and those of the client
  5. The provided discounts 
  6. The vehicle insurance (insurance of the driver and the passengers)
  7. The mileage limit
  8. The area where you will use the rented vehicle 
  9. Additional services that you will use
  10. The list of uninsured parts that you are responsible for

Some rental companies include rental rates into the contract, so that you can easily understand what your payment is based on, as well as the information about additional services offered. Some companies stipulate in the contract that in case of theft the insurance company can send you a bill for a certain percentage of the vehicle cost. Read the contract carefully!

Pay attention to the length of rental and the exact time when you have to return the vehicle, find out the allowed period of delay. In general the rental companies allow a one- hour-delay (in some cases a two-hour-delay). If you confront unexpected problems and you cannot return the vehicle at the agreed time, call the company and let them know. Otherwise you will have to pay for a three-hour-delay as for an extra day.

Any certificate of transfer and acceptance includes the following information: date and time when the vehicle was returned, your personal data, the vehicle plan, the list of uninsured parts you are responsible for so that you can check if they are there, the list of the vehicle damages. You task is to find the damages described on the vehicle itself. After you have signed the certificate of transmission and acceptance you make the payment and get the documents. You should get the originals of  the rental documents as well as of the documents for the vehicle.

After the documents are signed, you can proceed with the vehicle acceptance.

Accepting the vehicle from the rental company
The rental company agent  should show you the vehicle damages  described in a special document (certificate of acceptance and transmission) that you get when handling the paperwork. Please check the damages against the description, if something is not pointed out or vice versa make sure to notify the agent. The same process applies to accepting the car outside of the rental company office. If the vehicle is delivered to you elsewhere, the payment is usually made by credit card. 

Pay attention to the peculiariaties of the car type you rent
  • Find out  the purpose of  buttons, handles etc – better rent a car type, which is familiar to you
  • Ask about the type of fuel. May be you will get a diesel car and a big surprise at the gas station is guaranteed! 
  • Do not hesitate to make additions referring to car damages. When returning the car, you will have to go over all the car damages with the  rental company agent.

Operation of the rented car
Operating the rented car does not differ a lot from operating your own car. There is only one important difference: you do not have to repair the car, moreover, you  may even have to pay a fine if you try to repair the vehicle yourself. If case of any breakdowns you just need to call the rental company and  come to their office to get the car repaired. Many serious rental companies will send a mechanician to your destination if you need a wheel to be replaced  or  other breakdowns to be fixed. 

You should also take care of the uninsured items, same process as with your own car. Those items are e.g. radio-recorder, keys, vehicle documentation, first-aid kit, leveling jack. If these items get lost or damaged, you will have to pay a fine. The fine amount has nothing to do with the type of insurance.  The list of these items and the fine amount are stipulated in the rental agreement.

Many rental companies will allow you to extend the rental period by phone, still it is better to let them know in advance so that you can keep the same car.

You get your rented car with a certain amount of fuel, most often with a full tank, still you should clarify it when accepting the car. The amount of fuel you get the car with  should be stipulated in the rental agreement.  You must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel, otherwise you will have to pay a higher price for the lacking fuel (usually about 30 rubles per litre).

If you rent a vehicle for a long-term (more than a month) you may have to go to the rental office for a planned maintenance. If the maintenance lasts longer than one day, the rental company must provide you with a comparable vehicle for this period. 

The rental company must inform you what  actions you should take in the case of accident, theft, etc. and provide you with a detailed written instruction. 

In the case of a traffic accident you must do the following: 
1. Call the traffic police immediately
2. Try not to move the car from the accident site and do not to move any items that has something to do with the accident until the traffic police officer arrives.
3. If a traffic jam has developed and the road is blocked, make a plan of the accident  including the position of cars at the accident site and have it signed by witnesses.
If possible, make several photos of the accident site, where the position of the damaged cars can be clearly recognised.
4. Write down the personal information of the second traffic accident participant (name, address, phone number, car type, color and license number) 
5. Write down the personal information of the traffic accident witnesses.
6. Get a copy of the protocol with the list of the damaged property
7. Get a report according to the form № 31 filled out by the traffic police (in some cases representatives of the rental company can get this report themselves). 
8. Inform the rental company about the accident within the period stipulated in the contract, submit the original of the report № 31 and let the company representative inspect the vehicle. 

Theft of component parts and accessory equipment,  damage incurred to the vehicle by third parties. In such cases the rentee should:   
  • Immediately inform the local police and  together with a police officer make a report with a detailed listing of all damages incurred to the vehicle or all stolen component parts and accessories.
  • Inform the rental company within the period stipulated in the contract (which is in the most cases usually immediately)
  • Within the period stipulated in the contract, get an insurance company police inquiry to from the rental company so that report № 3 can be prepared.
  • Within the period stipulated in the contract, let the rental company inspect the vehicle and submit the police report №3.

In case of vehicle theft, the rentee should:
  • Immediately inform the police and get a registered (numbered) document, which proves that this incident has been registered in the police journal
  • Immediately inform the rental company and submit the document, which proves that this incident has been registered
  • Immediately return the vehicle registration certificate and keys to the rental company
  • Within the period stipulated in the contract (usually about 15 days)  get and submit to the rental company a document proving initiation of a criminal case on the vehicle theft. 
  • Please make sure to inform the police even in case of minor vehicle damage and get a report made, otherwise you will have to pay the damage yourself or its cost will be deducted from the deductible (depending on your insurance type)

When operating the car, keep to the rules stipulated in the contract. For example, if a certain area where you can drive the car is stipulated in the contract, you should not leave this area. You should not exceed the agreed mileage either.

After the rental period is over, you should return the car to the rental company. There are some aspects you should consider to avoid possible problems with the rental company. 

Returning the car to the rental company
The rental company will check the car damages against those registered in the documents. The company mechanician will check the technical condition and the damages of the vehicle.  The new damages will be registered in a special supplement and the fee you will have to pay will also be mentioned there (damages, lost of uninsured components, additional service you have used). 

When returning the car, make sure that it has the same amount of fuel it had when you picked it up, otherwise you will have to pay a higher price than usual (as a rule about 30 rubles per litre). Same refers to the car cleaning: if the car is dirty, the most rental companies will charge you a cleaning fee. 

The rental agreement stipulates the exact time when you have to return the car, try to return it on time, otherwise you may have to pay for  a 2 or 3-hour-delay as for an additional day (especially when you rent a car abroad). In general the rental companies allow a 1 to 2-hour- delay, please find it out when doing the paperwork. If you face unexpected problems and you are unable to return the car in time, call the rental company and let them know.
  • The rate applies to a 5-day-week from 9 to 6 pm.
  • Oil and lubricants for 200 km are included
  • If you leave the city area, the company will charge you 12 rubles per km.
  • All our vehicles have been produced from 2010 to 2012. All vehicles are under warranty
  • Should you have any questions, please call 50-50-85; 98-55-85.  Fax:    32-57-43