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AutoMax - affordable cars from a reliable company!
  • Your car undergoes maintenance
  • Your have sold your car, but have not bought a new one yet
  • You need a car for a business meeting
  • You want to travel to other cities and regions
  • For a vacation: fishing, picnic, hunting
  • To pick up your wife with a new-born from the hospital
  • To bring your relatives to the airport or to the railway station
  • You are on a business trip in our city
  • You want to test the car model you consider to buy
  • You need cars for a wedding

About the company
Welcome to the website of «AutoMax» - car rental in Volgograd 


The company „AutoMax“  offers a wide range of car rental services. We offer Russian and foreign-made cars for private persons and companies.We try to meet all modern requirements in the rental business. High-quality service, individual approach to each client when assessing his needs, favourable terms –  our company is a highly competitive car rental service in Volgograd.

We offer private persons and companies new vehicles for a rental period starting from one day. We are happy to offer you the most favourable conditions. As a rule, we offer you a car rental without a chauffeur. Car rental is very cost-efficient, it helps you to save on taxis.
If you wish, we can also offer you car rental with a chauffeur. This service is popular among businessmen especially on a business trip. 

Car rental with a chauffeur is an important part of each festive occasion. No matter wedding, anniversary or graduation ceremony – the guests should be moved around with agreat convenience. Car rental will help to organise it the best possible way!

A long-term car rental with a chauffeur – it is modern, very convenient and most important cost-efficient!

The cars to rent are in a technically good condition and their appearance is impeccable! You can choose an economy class or a business class car!

We also offer a flexible discount system for private and corporate clients as well as various forms of payment. 

The car can be delivered to your house, to your office, to the airport or to the railway station. You can also pick it up at any of our rental offices. We work 24 hours a day for our clients.

Use the «AutoMax»  rental service and forget any inconveniences you experience without a car! In «AutoMax» you will find nice managers, best service, favorable terms and the lowest prices in Volgograd!