The company "AutoMax" was established in December 2007 on the basis of the company "Motor", which ceased its activity in 2006. ("Motor" was a member of the group of companies "World of Technology." Located in the Palace of Sports in the showroom "Ford"). The company "AutoMax" has its own guarded parking lot with video surveillance area of ​​5000 sq. meters, for 200 cars, its tire service, car repair shops and also provides parking spaces, for storage of vehicles, small boats, trailers, etc. advantageous position in the center of Volgograd. From the airport. up to us 12 km. from the railway station 6 km.

We provide the maximum range of services for renting, renting cars of domestic and imported production for individuals and legal entities. We try our best to meet all modern requirements of customers in the service sector, such as car rental.


We try our best to meet all the modern requirements of customers in this sphere of service as parking and rental/car rental High quality of service, individual approach to each client in determining its nominal needs, whether that person is a private person or an organization, all this allowed our company to take a worthy place in the market of car rental (lease) services in the city of Volgograd.


For organizations and individuals we lease new cars for a period of one day to one of the year. We are pleased to provide you with rental (rent) cars on favorable terms.

As a rule, we provide car rental without a driver. Renting a car is very profitable, because it allows you to save money on an hourly taxi. If you wish, you can rent car with driver. This service is popular in business circles and among people on a business trip.

Renting a car with a driver is an integral part of organizing any solemn event. Wedding, anniversary, graduation party - any celebration requires comfortable transportation of guests around the city, and renting a car will help organize it the best way. Rent a car with a driver on long term - it's modern, most convenient and most importantly - profitable!


The cars provided for rent are not only in a technically sound condition, but also have immaculate appearance. You can choose both an economical car and a business class car.


Additional convenience of car rental we have a flexible system of discounts for private and corporate clients and any form of payment. At your request, the car can be delivered directly to Your home, office, airport, railway station, or you can take it at any of the rental locations. For ours clients we work 24 hours a day.

Using car rental services in the company "AutoMax", you solve the problems associated with by motor transport! At us you will find attentive managers, excellent service, favorable conditions and the lowest possible prices in Volgograd.

Consent to the processing of personal data

I grant my consent to the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as "PD") provided for OOO "AvtoMax" (OGRN: 1073444012377, legal address: 400048, Volgograd, Zemlyachki Str., 15 "B"), hereinafter referred to as the "Company", on transfer of my personal data (phone number, registration address, address of residence, date and place of birth, number and a series of passports, a surname, a name, a patronymic, date of delivery of the passport, the name of the body that issued the passport, the code division) in order to obtain services for rental (lease) of the car. "Company" has the right to process PD, incl. systematize, accumulate, store, update (update, modify), distribute (including the transfer of the 3rd persons), depersonalize, block, destroy, process for the purpose of checking the trustworthiness of the "Client", and To process the PD with or without the use of automation tools (manual processing). The consent is valid until the expiry of 5 years after the termination of all contracts, concluded with the "Company" (in case of non-inclusion of the contract - within 5 years) with prolongation for every following 5 years if it is not withdrawn.